A Second Home That Makes Sense

If you have been thinking about getting a second home or a vacation home but have been afraid of the cost, taxes, maintenance, and the possibility of not using it we have the solution!


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Welcome To Park Cabins, Inc.

Park Cabins Inc. specializes in building vacation cabin RVs. Jack London designs each of our Park Model Cabins, and each is a Quality comfortable home. Most feature lofts with cedar and cypress interior walls, ceiling, and cabinets. Full-size kitchen and bathroom. Beautiful appliances, plumbing fixtures, and lighting are some of the detail that sets us apart.


Comfortable Living

Each cozy unit comes to you premade on wheels. There are less expenses than site-built homes. Instead, it is like buying any other RV. The structure can stay on wheels, or you can mount it on blocks. The most common need for these homes is for vacation use.

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